The YRF Juniors divided their efforts to compete in two championships last time out. James started his assault on the Scottish championship, whilst Charlie and Ross continued to impress in the second round of the British championship.

Up in Kirkcaldy Fife, in a covered Karting venue James started his Scottish campaign taking two second place trophies in Junior C 4.2 and Lightweight production classes.

“This year I am competing in the Junior C 4.2 air cooled class and Lightweight Production Class.” James explains.


“Practice sessions went well for both classes; clutches were set to race spec, and the bikes felt really good.


Qualifying sessions, both went really well, the bikes felt great and I was really happy with them.  Qualified P2 for Junior C and P4 in Production class (for this race feathers/lights and middle/heavyweights all ran together with separate trophies at the end).


Race one, two and three in Junior C, Races went really well and had three good starts and also got some fantastic times (my personal best).  Bike felt really good and exceptionally fast and finished second in all three races.


Feathers/Lightweight Class, again races went well and had good starts.  The bike felt really good and I settled into some good riding with good completion and finished second in all three classes, again with some good track times.”


South of the border at Whilton Mill and far from the dry weather conditions they had at round one, Charlie and Ross tackled the varying track surface with caution.


Charlie spent most of the Friday free practices bedding in his Metrakit after the first round engine failure. Once up to speed he started showing signs of progress.


Saturday’s weather once again left the track with varying levels of grip which saw Charlie have a number of tumbles as he tried different lines to find grip


Race day again saw very unsettled weather so Charlie knew there was going to be some tough racing ahead of him. The first race of the day for Charlie was on the metrakit where once again he struggled with his start and by the second corner Charlie found himself in second to last. He gathered himself together again and started making his way through the pack. After fighting his way back to fifth place there was a large gap to the rider in forth after finding his rhythm Charlie caught him and finished his race in a respectable forth position.  Race one on the minimoto Charlie struggled and couldn’t maintain the speed of the front two riders. Charlie found himself in a four man battle where he finished in fourth position.  Race two on the metrakit Charlie made a much better start and tried to stay with the front group. Charlie rode a clean and solid race finished in his highest position of third place. Race two on the minimoto once again found himself in a four man battle for third with the third and fifth place riders swapping places giving Charlie another forth place finish. Race three on the metrakit Charlie found himself in a battle for third with a different rider having this time to settle for fourth place, however, the way the points were distributed gave Charlie his first podium finish of third place in only his second weekend of racing his metrakit. Charlie knew with race three on the minimoto it was going to be very close with three riders only separated by one point whoever finished third in the race would finish with an overall third for the weekend. After the flag dropped Charlie was in third position with a horde of riders behind him. After a nerve racking seven laps and with numerous failed attempts to topple him Charlie held his nerve to finish in the crucial third position giving him his second podium finish on the minimoto. Charlie was elated with his racing and said “I am so happy, I can’t believe I’ll be getting 2 trophies! I can’t wait until Llandow now I wish it was so long away.”

Ross Turner made a valiant start in race one from 16th and row eight on the grid and fought hard to take eight places finishing eighth. Despite mechanical issues due to the weather conditions in the second race and last minute technical rule changes in the production class, Ross still had race three in the 4.2 class where he put on quite a show.

Ross’ dad Simon fills us in on the events, “Race one of the 4.2s started wet and slippy from row 8 and 16th on the grid. Ross made a great start and worked his way steadily through the pack finishing in 8th

Race two started well but by lap 6 the engine started to miss fire due to the wet conditions, this cause Ross to lose a couple of positions and he finished in 10th

Race three was a blinder, Ross got a good start and joined a pack of 4 other riders, he got past the first two after two laps by which time the front two had pulled a gap of 50 yards. Ross reeled in the next rider and over the next few laps tried to find a way past. He managed it with a slick dive for the inside line and went in pursuit of the next rider. He worked hard for the next few laps to get on the tail of the other rider and with one lap to go he made his move only to be retaken straight away. Ross then got his head down and sat close on his tail before making a lovely move on the brakes into the infield set of corners. With only two corners and a drive to the line Ross kept his head and rode a defensive line to take 8th.

After the race Ross said he really enjoyed that as it was a good fight and he really had to think about what he was going to do.

The proddy races were a none event after he missed the first race due to a last minute rule change that left us unprepared, then in race two we had carb issues. The last race went ok but was steady without any real challenges. Ross said after he didn’t feel very confident in the bike as we’d a few issues.”

The next Scottish championship round will be on May 6th at Westlands. And the next British championship round takes all three YRF Juniors back to Llandow 18th – 20th May.