DONINGTON Park hosted the Robert Fearnall Trophy, round two of the Thundersport GB Championship. Although the meeting landed on the start of summer, it very much resembled the depths of winter, with early morning practise sessions being red flag due to snow on Sunday morning.

Lewis Rollo had yet another challenging weekend ahead of him. Not only being educated by his four stroke Aprilia Lewis 13' R2RRV450GP bike, but also learning to ride in freezing conditions. The youngster from East Lothian took all this in his stride and soon the lap times started to tumble during practise on Saturday, slotting in to the top four at the close of play.

Once the sessions got underway on Sunday, after a brief pause due to a snow flurry, Lewis started to get his teeth in to qualifying. Getting faster and faster each lap and finally snapping up fourth for the Minitwins race. The second qualifying session would be for the Aprilia RRV 450 GP Challenge, Lewis had just started build up pace when he was hit from behind whilst overtaking. The blow from behind at Coppice, knocked the young Scotsman from his Aprilia and was unavoidably run over. “I was overtaking and someone hit me from the back, the bike just chucked me of and as I hit the ground someone ran over me and that’s all I can remember is being hit. I don’t know if I was knocked out for a bit as I can’t remember a thing. I was taken to the medics and the doctor asked me a number of things, and I just sat in a daze as I seemingly kept asking my dad ‘where am I’ and ‘why are we here’. Nothing made sense to me and I ended up getting really emotional.” As a result of this incident Lewis was rightly withdrawn from Sunday’s racing, with a view to undergo a second evaluation on the Monday morning.

Lewis 13' R2 1Monday morning arrived and after undergoing a series of tests at the circuit medical centre, Lewis was given the all clear. As he had missed the Sunday races, Lewis had to start from the back of the grid in both the Minitwins and Aprilia RRV Challenge. After sitting down with his father Barry and mentor Alan ‘Tosh’ McIntosh, it was agreed that Lewis would use the races as practise to gain knowledge about the bike. Despite starting from the back of a very deep field in the Minitwins class, Lewis finished tenth and twelfth and in the Aprilia RRV Challenge eleventh and eighth, taking two seconds off his lap times.


Photo’s courtesy of Racing Line Photography