JAMES Alderson finished off his 2014 on a high, wrapping up the championship in the Junior C and theIMGP7454 Lightweight production classes in round seven. However he had one more round to complete and a one more title to fight for.

James was sitting in third place in the Open class and with only 13 points to take the title the youngster was feeling positive.

Junior C Qualifying, James was happy with the bike and with only a few adjustments to tyre pressures he was ready to go, again there would be two qualifying sessions and James took pole. In the second qualifying session, the exhaust came loose and James lost all power and had to get the bike repaired for Race one.

Race one James got a good start and took control of the race immediately after a few laps he was well ahead and settled in a rhythm and finished in first place.

Race two and three were a carbon copy of the above, James has dominated the Junior c this year and has won every race in each round giving him full points.

Lightweight Production class would be run with Middles and Heavyweight’s, qualifying got under way and after a hard battle had to settle for second position missing it by a 10th of a second.

Race one James got a brilliant start and battled with the front runner all the way round it was a very close and exciting race but was piped to the post by one of the heavyweight’s. Race two was almost a carbon copy but with riding so close together and with some back markers the front person collided and brought James off also. They both quickly got back on the bikes and got away finishing further down the field.  Race three was a carbon copy of race one.

James still managed to win each race in his lightweight class but had some hard battles with the other racers, giving him first overall.

The Open class would run two warm up sessions and again there would be reverse grids.

Race one James started from the rear on the grid, the lights changed and they were off and all collided into the first corner. James was quick at getting back on the bike and kept his focus throughout working hard and with some brilliant overtaking amazingly came over the line in second place.

Race two James would be on third row, he got another good start and again kept his focus working through the field to come over the line in second place.

Race three James would be on the second row, he got another good start and was into second place from the first corner. He settled into a rhythm and focused on keeping his position near the front.

IMGP7694 Race four James was on the front row, he just had to be second to take the overall win of the day, and with a sensible head on his shoulders did just that, he got off the line in second and kept this position throughout, his riding was impressive and came over the line in second place, this would give him the win for today.  This would give James a second position in the Championship which was amazing as he had only entered 7 out of the 8 rounds.

Stephen Alderson added “We are so proud of him to win the Championships which has been his aim this year. He has worked very hard throughout the year and kept his focus. We would like to thank YRF, NGK, EC1 Drinks, Bikewise Mini Bike Club for their help and support throughout the year. Thanks to Alan and Sandy for their help and patience, also thanks to Craig at Kartstart, Westlands, Warden Law and Knockhill racing venues, and finally our Family and Friends.”