ROUND seven at Kirkcaldy would be run on reverse track which James enjoys, and he had decided to IMG_4058run three classes Junior C, Production Lightweight and the Open.

In the Junior C class first and second Qualifying Session, The bike was set and James settled into a good rhythm, setting the fastest lap times gaining pole.

In the three races James got a brilliant start and took control of the race straight away, with no problems with the bikes he settled in and lead the race until the end. All races were exactly the same.

In the Lightweight Production class first and second Qualifying, Lightweights and Middleweights would run together, James had another good qualifier and set the fastest lap again giving him pole.

Race one James got a good start and took control of the race and by the third lap had a comfortable win.

Race two and three were a carbon copy of race one and James took the overall win.

In the Open class they ran a reverse grid with two warm up sessions and four races.

Race one James would start from the second row of the grid, he got a brilliant start and moved into second place this is where he would stay with a good race chasing the leader and riding his Junior Bike.

Race two James would start from the front of the grid, he got a good start and took the lead and finished in first place.

Race three James would start from row three, with a good start and a lot of work to do to move through the field, James got up to third by lap three and managed to keep his place.

JA NGK Race four James would start from the back of the grid, again he got another good start and looked really impressive managed to get his self up to second place and pushed the leader all the way around but stayed in second place.  This would give James a second place overall and has moved him into third place in the championship going into round eight.

James father Stephen added “James had a brilliant day and can now relax going into round 8, he can’t be beaten in Junior C and Lightweight Production, which is a nice feeling.”

James would like to thank NGK, EC1 Drinks, Bikewise and the YRF as well as his family and friends.