THIS would be the youngsters first time at Stretton for Round two of the NMRRC championship, with a good forecast James was eager to get out and ride.NMRRC R2.1

Saturday evening was the practise session and James worked through the gearing getting his settings dialled in quick. He took to the track with no problems and thought it was fantastic, getting faster and faster each lap with the GRC showing no problems.

Race day on the Sunday would be one practise session, one qualifying and two races.

The practise session went well and James looked fast on track, qualifying was the same with James taking Pole.

Race one got underway and with a good start the young racer kept his front position. Joe and Brandon were on his wheel, it was a hard battle but by the third lap James was in control and took a very impressive win.

NMRRC R2 Race two started a little different falling back to third position, but by the third corner he was out in front. James pushed hard all the way and by halfway through James’ father Stephen could barely watch ‘It was a very fast and exciting race (for everyone else), with the chequered flag waving James went over the line but with not even a second splitting the front three, he finally finished in first place. James was on a high and handled the pressure extremely well (better than me) he was on a high, this was a fantastic track and one James can’t wait to return to ride again.’

James would like to thank all Sponsors NGK, YRF, EC1 Drinks and Forte, he would also like to thank Bikewise, Family and Friends for their continued support.

Photo’s courtesy of and copyrighted to Rachel Bryden.