NGKJAMES Alderson arrived at round one of the Scottish Minimoto Championship weary but raring to go, coming straight from the NMRRC Championship the previous day.

Kirkcaldy is a fast indoor venue and would play host to the event.  The Junior class was split in to three groups and your qualifying time would decide which of these you would race in. The Lightweight Production would be riding with the Middles and Heavyweight’s, and the Open class would be reverse grids.

Practise and qualifying went well for James in all classes. Pole for the Junior class and narrowly missing out for the production class, lining up in second. Never the less this was quite an achievement as it had been a hard battle, James can only run a 40cc bike alongside the Middle and Heavyweights which can  run 50cc Open spec bikes.

In the Junior class race one, two and three were carbon copies of each other, James took to the front each time and took control of the race, James is used to this track and knows every corner, he came over the line with good leads in each race.WIZ

In the Production class all three races went well but they were hard fought for. There is always very tight racing around this tight and twisty track, positions changed all the time but overall James won in his Lightweight class.

Open Class – This would be reverse grid and four races, it is a very large grid for the small track with a lot of experienced riders.  James used his 4.2 junior bike as it’s his most comfortable on the short circuit, James went well and the positions were changing every corner during the races. Running the reverse grids made for some nerve wracking overtaking, James finished third overall.

Stephen Alderson added “James got some good results today which we were pleased about, especially since it was his birthday. I was really proud of him, we had been racing Friday,Saturday and Sunday and were all tired.”

YRF_partners-bikewiseJames would like to thank his sponsors NGK, YRF, EC1 Drinks, Forte and Wiz racing, he would also like to thank Bikewise and our friends and family for their support.