ROUND six of the National Minimoto Road Racing Championship came from Stretton in Leicester.

James really likes this twisty track and it would be his first time riding his GP70 here.

The week end started busy for James as he had a fall earlier in the week on his DM machine. Practise session ran well however an underlying problem was still apparent.

The forecast wasn’t great and James had everything crossed for a dry day. On the way down to the first practise session on the Sunday, the handle bar became insecure and the bike couldn’t be used. A quick dart back to the paddock to get James’ spare bike which is set up for the wet, meant James was a little behind getting out on track for the Qualifying session. Unfortunately the set up wasn’t quite right and the bike was underpowered, but still managed to get fourth position

photoWith the races about to start the weather changed and it started pouring with rain, the tyres were changed again. However with a delay on the start the rain stopped and the track was drying.

James didn’t get a good start and was sitting in fifth position when disaster struck on lap two when the water pump belt came off and the bike over heated and stopped. This is James’ first DNF of the year and a lot of work was needed before the start of race two.

For the second race the weather had changed to heavy rain and James wasn’t happy with the bike. Another slow start as the lights changed and James didn’t seem happy at all, it took nearly half the race before he seemed to get up to race pace and had to settle for fifth place.

James had a good qualifying session on his GP70 and looked comfortable and happy on his bike and qualifying on pole. Race one got underway with dry conditions and a good start James took a comfortable win.

Just before race two the conditions changed to heavy rain, all the riders were in the holding area and had ten minutes to go back and change tyres. As the lights changed James got a good start, the conditions were poor and the youngster was getting pressured from the riders behind him, halfway through the race he had settled in and managed to pull a gap finishing in second place. James would get a first overall in the GP70 class.

Stephen Alderson recapped on the events of the weekend “What a nightmare of a day, the weather had been really poor, James kept his cool and did his best under the conditions. Bikes breaking down and tyres changes had been full on all day, we were disappointed with our DNF as James lost a lot of points losing his championship lead on the mini bikes, but that’s racing.”

James would like to thank his sponsors NGK, YRF, EC1 Drinks, Forte, Wiz Racing and Bikewise, Family and Friends for the support.