ROUND Seven of the National Minimoto Road Racing Championship was hosted at James favourite track, Whilton Mill.

On the Sunday morning it wasn’t dry with a fine rain mist this was going to be a hard to work out which tyres to use.

During the practise sessions James headed out on intermediates and was happy with the grip.

For the Qualifying session the weather had changed for the better and James went out on dry tyres. The young racer from Durham started putting in some impressive times, but on the last lap the rain came and nearly everyone in the session came off including James. However the determined youngster still managed to qualify on pole.

photoRace one got a good start and fought hard with another rider all the way, the positions were swapping and changing all the time. James dad commented “This was going to be a battle and all I could think of that they were going to bring each other off, James was just beaten over the line, it was a great race to watch with some impressive riding from the front two.”

Race two was not such a great start but James was in second position by the second corner. The red flag came out due to an incident on track and the race had to start again. A better start this time and in lap two took the lead, James was pushed all the way but kept his nerve and took the race win.

James even had a little fan club with Lots of people were coming over to tell him that was the best two races they had watched for a long time.

In the GP70 class, it was tough again to decide if James should go with wet or dry tyres. Dry tyres were chosen but as Practise began the heavens opened and the decision was made to miss this session by the Alderson’s.

For the Qualifying session set up was for wet, but again the track was starting to dry. James still went well and managed to get pole but said the track was drying and he wanted dry tyres on for the race.

Race one and his start wasn’t great and slumped back into fourth. The youngster settled in and did some impressive overtaking, but by the time he got through the field the leader was just out of reach and crossed the line in second position. Race two was a carbon copy of race one.

James reflected on the days racing “It’s a minefield when the conditions are not great with not knowing if to go for dry or wets, however I’m doing really well and this would put me back in the lead for the championship on my mini bike. We would like to thank our sponsors NGK, YRF, EC1 Drinks, Forte, Wiz Racing and Bikewise, Family and Friends for the support.”