ROUND four of the Scottish Minimoto championship was hosted at Larkhall South Lanarkshire. This happens to be one of James Alderson’s favourite tracks in the Scottish calendar. It had been a long time since he had rode here and was really looking forward to racing in the cold but dry conditions.

Qualifying sessions went well with the youngster having no real problems managing to qualify on pole in the Junior C and in the weighted classes second.

In the Junior C class race one, two and three were the same. James got fast starts and immediately he was at the front of the pack as they snaked around the track. He took control of the races and had three comfortable wins. James was overjoyed with the results.

The weighted category is a fast class and as the flag went down they were off. James was fighting at the front there was nothing in it. The front four were tight together as they continued around the track lap after lap, James finished in second place for 1236643_703373929738191_1380056142388704662_nhis first race. Race two was very similar with the four front runners tight together but this time James had to settle for third place. Race three was just as exciting to watch with the four front positions chopping and changing. On the last lap James was overtaken as they went over the line, with hardly a wheel width of difference the youngster had to settle for fourth place. Overall he had three wins in his Lightweight class.

There would be four races in the Open class with reverse grids. Again this was going to be a fast class the riders were flying and riding very close. James worked through up to fourth position quite quickly which is where he finished in race one. Race two, three and four were carbon copies of race one with the top four riding together he would finish second, third and finally another third, giving him a third overall.

James’ father Stephen added “James had a fantastic day with some very fast riding, he always rides so smooth with a lovely style. We would like to thank our sponsors NGK, YRF and EC1 Drinks, and our Family, Friends and Bikewise for their support.”