The Young Riders Fund Gets Dirty

jack-hughesWE are proud to announce the arrival of Jack Hughes to the Young Riders Fund.

The Young Riders Fund are making another evolutionary step in our bid to inspire youth in Motorsport, and getting a little bit dirty!

Hughes will be our first off-road rider, competing in various Enduro competitions throughout the country in the youth category, aboard his YRF – Race 2 Off-road KTM.

The youngster from Gateshead has been in the eyeline of the YRF since he was first spotted at a practice track outside of Consett, in County Durham, two years ago.

It was brought to our attention that Jack has Cerebral Palsy, a condition that affects muscle control and movement. This affects the left hand side of his body, brain and spine and in normal circumstances would prevent people with the condition from having the confidence to ride a bicycle, never mind a motorcycle.

However, Jack is one of the most determined youngsters we have met. He and his parents have encountered many struggles as a result of his condition. Although hard to imagine, the majority of the hardship they have endured has been down to others not accepting what Jack wants to achieve.young-riders-fund-slider-3

As a toddler he was turned away from attending nurseries, later in his school life he was the subject of bullying and discrimination and left isolated during physical education. “It was heart breaking to watch your son struggle to run against others, when he struggles to even walk. It was more hurtful than the name calling.” his mother Sharon recalls “Jack’s dad, Jim, loves off-road bikes and bought him his first KTM so they could go out riding together. This was not to be an easy ‘ride’, Jack struggled long and hard to try and get his balance correct. It was a painful process for him and he constantly bashed himself, he had no confidence. However, he always got back up with a little help. He even had to have someone at either side of him to try and balance the bike. This took around a year just to get his balance without any help. Jack has been riding for around two years now and has started to enter races. He says he’s not the best rider but he feels when he’s out there, he is one of the boys and they don’t judge him, or, see him as the disabled kid. They see him as an equal as soon as he puts his kit on and rides that bike.”


Jack has already attracted the support of local motorsport dealer Gary Nicholson who has put the backing of Race 2 Off-road behind the youngster for 2016. His first race aboard his YRF – Race 2 Off-road KTM will be in the first round of the Motul Endurotek NE-XC at Woodhouse Farm, Great Ayton, Middlesbrough TS9 6HZ.

Join Jack’s journey with us as he aspires to be a figure head for young diagnosed Cerebral Palsy athletes in Motorsport.

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