YRF Enduro Duo

DSC_0094THE YRF Enduro duo of Jack Hughes and Cristina Palmer took to the mud again this weekend, for round one of the Motul Endurotek NE-XC championship.

This would be the first time both riders would line up together and both were eager to get on to the grueling course at Woodhouse.

Both riders started in fantastic form, and were quickly met by a climb that proved difficult for majority of the adult field. Both riders took a tumble (or two) at various points of the course as the conditions worsened.

Jack put together a courageous lap aboard his YRF – Race 2 off-road KTM, tackling every obstacle. However, the terrain proved to be too demanding for him and many others, and was unable to complete the race.

Jack quickly jumped in as pit crew for Cristina, displaying the true definition of ‘Team Mate’.

Young Cristina charged on flying the flag of the YRF completing six laps in one hour twenty-two minutes. The young Scot took third place in the Junior class receiving eight points for the championship.


Both riders showed tremendous effort on an extremely challenging course. Cristina’s father Stephen chaperoned his daughter around the course (mandatory for the Junior class) and showed clear signs of fatigue trying to keep up with his nine-year-old lady racer.

Round two of the Motul Endurotek NE-XC Championship will take place at Masham on April 17th.

Photo Credit’s: Morson Photography