Alderson’s 2-Storke Dreams Up In Blue Smoke

Pro-Test 2016JAMES Alderson has had a tough start to 2016, what had started out positive with a successful test on the YRF Honda GP125 in Cartagena Spain, quickly took a dramatic turn the day after his return to the UK.

James showed true potential for the season ahead on the YRF Honda GP125 2-Stroke machine in Cartagena, mixing it up with the Moto3 Standard class that would subsequently push the last of the 2-Stroke race machines out to pasture in 2017.

However, the day after his return to the UK the team received an Email from series director Stuart Higgs, breaking the news that the 2-Stroke class would have to be cancelled due to lack of entries for 2016. Mr. Higgs couldn’t be more apologetic thirty days adrift of the first round of the Hel Motorsport championship opener and offered a life line in the shape of the last Honda Moto3 Standard machine due in to the UK.

The machine, which was due in to the country three days before the opener, was available through technical Guru Neil Spalding. James’ parents took a couple of days to secure the money needed to be able to buy the bike and make the leap.

James Alderson was now lining up on an even playing field in the 2016 Hel British Moto3 standard championship.

However, yet another blow was dealt to the youngster from the North East of England, when Mr. Spalding contacted them to inform that the bike had missed its connection on the MSC Hamburg and would now be re-routed on the MSC New York and would arrive in at Southampton 5 days before the second round at Oulton Park.

This leaves a short time to get the bike ran in and the team up to speed with the workings of the machine.

Despite all that has led up to the opener, James and the team have remained positive about the season ahead and are actively searching for additional sponsors to help offset the cost that occurred due to the deviation to the original plan.

James’ season now looks set to start on the 30th of April at Oulton Park, giving the youngster extra time to prepare.

Photo Credit: Jon Jessop Photography

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