YRF Junior Slip N’ Slide

DSC_0054The YRF Junior Enduro duo of Jack Hughes and Cristina Palmer took part in round two of the Motul Endurotek NE-XC championship at Masham this weekend. The two youngsters had already completed round one, so they had a rough idea of the technical difficulty that lay ahead marked out by the XC-Enduro organisers.

Nine-year-old Cristina from Innerwick, East Lothian, struggled to get her YRF KTM 65 started first attempt, and left the start line playing catch up. The young lady racer fought hard and after many a tumble on the gruelling course found herself finishing fourth behind eventual winner Sam Boyd, runner up Harry Mugridge and Tom Shevels. The youngster headed home to complete another two hours’ practice feeling disappointed with her result.


DSC_0051Jack Hughes put in a gallant effort on the YRF – Race 2 off-road KTM 65. The eleven-year-old, who is aiming to be a figure head for Cerebral Palsy sufferers in Motorsport, fought for a hard earned sixth against Georgina Richardson. The youngster from Gateshead, found the terrain extremely slippy and had many a tumble trying to traverse the inclines. Never the less, Jack found motivation in his father Jim and battled on to the finish.

Both YRF youngsters enjoyed the challenging course set out by the XC-Enduro organisers and can’t wait for round three of the Motul Endurotek NE-XC championship at Thorp on the 29th of May.

Photo Credit: Morson Photography