YRF Duo Attack All That Ecosse XC Have to Offer


ECOSSE XC a newly formed club hosted their debut event at West Linton Peeblesshire this past weekend.

YRF Enduro Duo of Cristina Palmer and Jack Hughes headed for the hills to take part in the weekend’s events.

The day before the event a training camp had been arranged to raise funds for the SACU ISDE team. The instructors Ricky Mair, Fraser Norrie and Fraser Flockhart spent Saturday giving helpful pointers on how to tackle parts of the course and the best technique to use.

Sunday morning arrived and along with it came the rain. However, this didn’t faze the young racers, but, did make the course a little slippy for the hour and a half Hare and Hounds Race.

DSC_0049The youth class had been run overall mixing 85cc and 65cc due to lower entries in the 65 class.

Young Jack Hughes set away from the line in last place after a confusing start line decision to merge the two classes. The course proved difficult in the wet on the 65cc machines and proved difficult even for some 85cc bikes. On the first lap when coming down one of the steeper hills, the youngster hit a hole which flung him over the handle bars sending the bike over his head and landing on his leg. The youngster got back on his YRF – Race 2 Off-road KTM and brushed the fall aside. Jack’s father Jim asked if he was “ok and would he like to call it a day?” Jack ignored his dad’s advice and carried on to take third 65 across the line “I would like to thank the YRF and Race2 off-road for their support” added Jack “And also Ecosse XC for the layout of the track, it was hard but I learnt so much on the training day and racing the event. I am really happy with my result”

Cristina Palmer got a fantastic start and attacked the first sand obstacle that most adults struggled with. The young lady racer showed consistency and determination despite the weather and track conditions. The youngster battled hard with most of the teenagers aboard 85cc machinery and at times even left her father behind who had chaperoned her for the event. “I really enjoyed the race” added Cristina “I really liked the sand double jump at the beginning, but the rest of the course was really slippy which made it a bit tiring. I came across the line, first 65 so I’m really happy about that. I’d like to thank the YRF, G-Force suspension, Rock Oil and Wulfsport for their support.”

DSC_0061Photo Credit: Morson Photography