Jack’s RAW Adventure


JACK Hughes took to the dirt again this weekend at Driffield, Yorkshire. The event was organised by RAW Events as part of their Enduro Challenge series.

The youth event took in a twenty-minute lap over dusty, bumpy tacks before dipping in to woodland.

Jack got a fantastic start when series organiser Wayne Braybrook dropped the flag. The young North Easterner carried on his momentum in to the second lap moving through the paddock area at an impressive speed.


Jack finally came over the line in seventh position putting in a mighty performance to the applaud of the crowd at the finish line.

“The course wasn’t as hard as what I thought it was going to be.” added Jack “It was really bumpy and at some parts sandy, I think I might have had the wrong tyre pressure. It was a good course but it was really tiring and I managed to fall off three times. There was one hill that I really had to work at because it had no run up, so I just had to come out of the corner and give it a handful. I really enjoyed the day, Thanks to Race 2 Off-road, YRF and the organisers and Marshalls at RAW Events.”

Jack has had a fantastic season as he strives to be a figurehead for others with Cerebral Palsy that want to be a part of the Motorsport community.

Photo Credit: Morson Photography