YRF Duo Storm on at Thorpe


JACK Hughes and Cristina Palmer hit the dirt again this weekend in round seven of the North of England Motul Endurotek XC championship hosted at Thorpe.

Cristina Palmer got a fantastic charge off the line taking the lead. However, a few mistakes made the race a little harder for the Romanian/Scottish lady form Innerwick East Lothian.

The youngster battled hard to push on to the leading group in the latter part of the race taking the win at the flag.

Thorpe R7

Jack Hughes had a little advantage to the others going in to the race, having taken part in a one-to-one training session with the immensely talented Wayne Braybrook the day before. Young Jack left the day with a smile from ear-to-ear and beaming with confidence.

Come race day Jack got a fantastic start, marching off in to third position at the drop of the flag. The young North Easterner pushed on holding his position for as long as he could until his condition (Cerebral Palsy) started to make his arms and hands ache. “I had a brilliant couple of days” added Jack “First getting to train with Wayne Braybrook and then the race on Sunday. This was the best organised event and well thought out. It was a six and half mile lap, nobody was on top of each other, everybody was spread out. The talk at the start of the race was awesome, the youth were told to look after the little ones and be careful when passing. The condition of the track was slippery but fun also with a mix of woods and stubble cross with plenty of obstacles. I found it challenging and put all I’d learned from Wayne into practice. Everyone had a great day. Thanks to YRF, Race2offroad, Raw and the continued support from North of England XC club. Thank You.”